Robb Mitchell is a self-taught artist. Born and raised in Burbank, California, Robb has always had a creative streak. Having spent time in many different vocations he has picked up his inspiration along the way.

Laguna Beach has been a part of Robb's life since the time he was 13, having spent the summers in Crescent Bay and establishing life-long friendships along the way. Robb now resides full time in Laguna Beach and can think of nowhere else that he would rather call home.

Having been a Sea Glass collector for some time, Robb felt that there
had to be something creative he could do with the many beautiful pieces
of Sea Glass that he has collected. What bettter way to share and
display his finds than to create unique pieces of jewelry.

What you see on this site are Robb's creations which continue to evolve with
time and added experiences. Please feel free to send Robb an email if
you have any question!


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Robb Mitchell Collection