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Laguna Sea Glass is dedicated to creating beautiful unique jewelry from Sea Glass. All of the glass that is used to design Laguna Sea Glass pieces is authentic Sea Glass collected from the beaches of Orange County, California. 

Our pieces are  noted for their unique style, elegance, and design
Owing to the uniqueness of every piece of glass, no two pieces created by Laguna Sea Glass are the same. The shape, color and size of each piece of glass have been determined by many years of being naturally tumbled and burnished by the sea.
Laguna Sea Glass can create the perfect piece for any purpose. If you have a special request, we will make every effort to accomodate your needs. 
Additionally, all of our sea glass is truly authentic sea glass. There are many 'artists' out there that 
create their own sea glass by using 'tumblers' to burnish and smooth the glass. All of the glass used by Laguna Sea Glass is gathered from the beaches that have been home to the family for over 100 years. When a piece is purchased, we will include a certificate of authenticity guaranteeing that it is actual sea glass. Accept no imitation sea glass!
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